Blowing hate on Starbucks lids

You know what I absolutely hate?! Not ONE Starbucks employee is trained on how to put the damn coffee lid on. Every single time I order a coffee at that place, for a million dollars, at the first sip coffee falls through the lid crack on my shirt and if I dare to check before, IF I DARE, as soon as I take the lid off the coffee drops straight from lid to shirt.

Picture this:

All major Starbucks owners, sitting in the breakout room.

All of them, and the only thing they are doing besides coming up with a new “iced hazelnut irish dream mocha latte”, is figuring out new and inventive ways to make the coffee drop from the lid crack to people’s shirts.

Well, I might not be right, but it is definitely a possibility.

At the end of the day…



Just blowing hate

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