Quick Pleasures

O.k, so lately something’s getting on my nerves.

Why are people not able to do one thing at a time anymore? Why is it so hard to enjoy what they are doing with nothing else in mind?

Here are a few of my personal experiences that you might relate to:

Scenario 1:

Watching supernatural, a show I have been watching with close friends for 10 freaking seasons. S#%t is literally going down! I look at one of my friends (let’s call him Tim) in complete awe, and I realize he is on Tinder. I was pretty much watching it by myself.

Pissed off, I pause the show and confront him – “Dude! what the f, you are not watching it?!” and Tim says “Dude! I am watching it, but, I am also going ahead and setting up the night! ”

He literally could not stay away from his phone, and that’s been happening often lately. .

Scenario 2:

At a concert, with “Tim”,  later on that same night.  While this awesome band is playing , he is recording snapchats over and over again until he gets the “perfect one”. How about enjoying the show?! And why send snapchats of the show? He experienced the show as much as the people who watched the 7sec videos he sent.

Scenario 3:

I will just generalize and also call this friend “Tim”.

This time we are hanging out with a bunch of friends smoking hookah. We are all reminiscing on stories from college, laughing, chilling, BUT, Tim is not part of any of it because he’s been texting all night.

When did “Quick Pleasures” became the drive of our days? Why is it more important to feel pleasure constantly for seconds at a time than “get lost” for long periods of time and truly enjoy something?

At the end of the day… Just blowing hate

Photo by Steve Baker
Photo by Steve Baker


Quick Pleasures

Automatic Toilet Flush

“You know what really grinds my gears?”- Peter Griffin

Automatic Toilet flushes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of not having to touch a public toilet flush, but the fact is that those things don’t work half of the time, and half of the time they do work your not even done with whatever “business” you’ve got going on. Who authorized the flush?!?!? I sure didn’t, and from that point on all I can think of is that everyone else’s piss and s*#t  is now on my legs or bums! GROSS

Have you guys ever seen what happens when you flush a toilet? Well, basically it sprays out bacteria all over the place. Check the links at the end of the post out to better understand.

There is more though, why has no one created a convenient way to flush a toilet with our shoes yet? I go through an extensive YOGA session inside the stall just so I can kick the flush instead of using my hands, why not just make a damn flush on the floor or something?!

How can something that it’s only advantage is being more hygienic can be in fact less hygienic?! and how did it get approved?!

To whoever accepts those flushes in their establishment, SHAME ON YOU. My theory is that whoever invented it, tested the flush for a classic number 2, and experienced a “premature flush”(patent pending lol). From that point on that guy made it his life mission to have the premature flush something that everyone in the World has to go through, and everyone who goes through this horrible experience joins his “premature flushing movement”.

At the end of the day…

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Just blowing hate



Toilet Flush Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFrbmYpvC4I&list=UUC552Sd-3nyi_tk2BudLUzA


Automatic Toilet Flush

Blowing hate on Starbucks lids

You know what I absolutely hate?! Not ONE Starbucks employee is trained on how to put the damn coffee lid on. Every single time I order a coffee at that place, for a million dollars, at the first sip coffee falls through the lid crack on my shirt and if I dare to check before, IF I DARE, as soon as I take the lid off the coffee drops straight from lid to shirt.

Picture this:

All major Starbucks owners, sitting in the breakout room.

All of them, and the only thing they are doing besides coming up with a new “iced hazelnut irish dream mocha latte”, is figuring out new and inventive ways to make the coffee drop from the lid crack to people’s shirts.

Well, I might not be right, but it is definitely a possibility.

At the end of the day…



Just blowing hate


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