Quick Pleasures

O.k, so lately something’s getting on my nerves.

Why are people not able to do one thing at a time anymore? Why is it so hard to enjoy what they are doing with nothing else in mind?

Here are a few of my personal experiences that you might relate to:

Scenario 1:

Watching supernatural, a show I have been watching with close friends for 10 freaking seasons. S#%t is literally going down! I look at one of my friends (let’s call him Tim) in complete awe, and I realize he is on Tinder. I was pretty much watching it by myself.

Pissed off, I pause the show and confront him – “Dude! what the f, you are not watching it?!” and Tim says “Dude! I am watching it, but, I am also going ahead and setting up the night! ”

He literally could not stay away from his phone, and that’s been happening often lately. .

Scenario 2:

At a concert, with “Tim”,  later on that same night.  While this awesome band is playing , he is recording snapchats over and over again until he gets the “perfect one”. How about enjoying the show?! And why send snapchats of the show? He experienced the show as much as the people who watched the 7sec videos he sent.

Scenario 3:

I will just generalize and also call this friend “Tim”.

This time we are hanging out with a bunch of friends smoking hookah. We are all reminiscing on stories from college, laughing, chilling, BUT, Tim is not part of any of it because he’s been texting all night.

When did “Quick Pleasures” became the drive of our days? Why is it more important to feel pleasure constantly for seconds at a time than “get lost” for long periods of time and truly enjoy something?

At the end of the day… Just blowing hate

Photo by Steve Baker
Photo by Steve Baker


Quick Pleasures

3 thoughts on “Quick Pleasures

  1. I feel your pain, I hate it when something great is on and the person I am with is on their phone, I feel like they’re missing out and for some reason it is irritating. A lot of us are too busy trying to portray the perfect life on social media to actually be living it.


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