Blowing hate on Starbucks lids

You know what I absolutely hate?! Not ONE Starbucks employee is trained on how to put the damn coffee lid on. Every single time I order a coffee at that place, for a million dollars, at the first sip coffee falls through the lid crack on my shirt and if I dare to check before, IF I DARE, as soon as I take the lid off the coffee drops straight from lid to shirt.

Picture this:

All major Starbucks owners, sitting in the breakout room.

All of them, and the only thing they are doing besides coming up with a new “iced hazelnut irish dream mocha latte”, is figuring out new and inventive ways to make the coffee drop from the lid crack to people’s shirts.

Well, I might not be right, but it is definitely a possibility.

At the end of the day…



Just blowing hate

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2 thoughts on “Blowing hate on Starbucks lids

  1. Perhaps you should “relid” your cup if you find that you never get yours put on “properly.” As a barista trainer I emphasize proper “lidding” techniques (don’t put the mouth hole on the crack of the cup, don’t touch the mouth hole with hands, work the lid from the back to the front until you hear a “click” know..basics.) Or maybe you’re just visiting the wrong locations. The closer you get to the mother-ship in Seattle, the better your overall experience will be. šŸ™‚


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